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No enrollment fee and monthly massages are transferrable



Both memberships include:
5 Complimentary Student Massages ($175 Value)
per year that can be used by membership owner or given to friends & family!




Massage Rates for Non-Members:
$80 Swedish Relaxation Massage
$90 Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage


At Inspirit Healing Center, we believe that true health and well-being are not just about the absence of illness but also the presence of balance, vitality, and inner harmony. Our healing center is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through a holistic approach that combines massage therapy, skin care service, and energy work.

Our skilled and licensed massage therapists are here to alleviate tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply looking for a rejuvenating experience, our range of massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massages, can address your specific needs.

Inspirit Healing Center also offers a variety of skin care services designed to enhance your natural beauty and promote skin health. Our skin care experts know that healthy skin is a reflection of your overall well-being. We utilize professional grade products to provide nourishing facials, exfoliating treatments, and personalized skincare routines. Whether you have specific skin concerns or simply want to pamper yourself, our skin care services can help you achieve a radiant complexion.


In addition to massage and skin care, we also specialize in other healing modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, and chakra balancing, which help you tap into your body’s natural energy flow and promote healing on a deep level.

Energy work is a holistic approach to health that considers the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It can help release blockages, reduce stress, and promote a sense of inner peace and clarity. Many of our clients have experienced profound transformations in their physical and emotional health through regular energy work sessions.

At Inspirit Healing Center, we believe that true health and well-being are achieved when you address all aspects of your being. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the highest level of care and support on your journey to optimal health. Whether you seek relaxation, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, or a deeper connection to your inner self, our integrated approach to healing can help you achieve your goals.

Begin your journey towards better health and well-being today by exploring our range of services and scheduling your appointment with us. We look forward to being a part of your holistic healing journey!